Songs Resonate Here / Where Music Reechoes  

Churches were often built with music in mind and so was this one. Welcome to my Salt Church. There's lots of definitions of a Salt Church, but simply it is a type of "micro-church".

Personally, I took the name from a short story I read a long time ago. In it, small town made offerings to their local god a salt church which was built inside a beach-side cave. The cave filled and flooded with water with the tide which they said to be the god taking the offerings. It ended with the protagnoist's confrère getting stuck deep in the church as the tide came in and their bloated body resting on the beach the next morning. Gross.

Anyway, enjoy some sick tunes (and note, this is not my whole music taste lol - I'm just in a Lucy Dacus/Angel Olsen kinda mood this evening as I'm updating)!

I'm getting to know her
And all of her anger

Through the thick and thin
He will wait until
You give yourself to him

I'm nothing but another
Fish in the sea

Take them by the legs and throw them down the stairs

A love like ours can never fade away

And he took my pearl
And left an empty shell of me

I've got a blister from touching everything I see
The abyss opens up, it steals everything from me

I didn't want to let them see me weep
I didn't want to let them see me weak

You don't deserve what you don't respect
Don't deserve what you say you love and then neglect

I drank myself to death to be the afterlife of the party
When the after-party came, I was rolling in my grave!