Cool Linkz!

Some of the places on the web that I recommend! >:)

Internet Resources –

  Archive.Org: Good resource for anything! I like using Magazine Rack for collages.

  Gifcities: For all your early-web gif needs.

  Text Colouriser: Cool gradients!

  Yestersearch: Same as Gifcities but for still images.

Oddities and Relics –

  Black People Love Us

  Blair Witch Project: One of the most influential bits of marketing EVER!!

  Ginger Snaps Fansite: The Curse is Back

  GroceryBag.TV Archive: Trapse through Mars Argo's archived site.

  Free Fiona: This site was made so Fiona Apple's third studio album could be made public legally back in 2005 so people didn't have to rely on pirated copies and so Fiona could make money from sales.


  Hole Fansite: Cry Me a River

  The Million Dollar Homepage

  Mouchette: A classic bit of internet art. Even yer nan's heard of Mouchette.

  Window Swap: Open a window to somewhere else...

  Worlds Online: Still running virtual world from 1995!

Library –

  Dean Winchester is a giant nerd and 'Supernatural' knows it: This article makes me eat glass.

  For Gothic Heroines, Haunted Houses Are Always Too Big

  Nevertheless, She Feasted: Why Girls Get Hungry in Horror Movies

  Something Awful Liveblogs 9/11: Obligatory trigger warning.

  Supernatural Scripts: They have one of my favourite epsiodes (Nightshifter) and are consistantly gathering more!

  Ursula K Le Guin's Website

  Why Female Cannibals Frighten and Fascinate

  Wikipedia Reading: 'He never married'

  Wikipedia Reading: Skinheads: The predecessors to punk and, therefore, of goth. Know your herstory.

Video Tapes –

  Dead Motels Series: Peak American decay ❣

  Kate Bush: The Tour of Life: I don't know how to describe this other than essential viewing. They invented the wireless headset microphone for this tour and that is somehow just a footnote in its legacy. Incredible...

  Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me: Comes with subtitles :)

Favourites –

  I SPY: Spooky Mansion: Super effing nostalgic 90s educational point-and-click game!!

  Space Channel 5: Up! Down! Left! Right! Chuchu chu!

  With Understanding: apokteino's fucked-up masterstroke! Don't read if you're sensitive to rape, kidnapping or anything else that' slisted in the tags but I think about her daily. She changed me on a fundamental level.

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