Bloodfreak Understandment 101  

Class, pull out your matching pink heart-shaped notebook and fluffy biro and take some motherfucking notes. I'm about to blast your brains and bust your balls with my amazing, incredible, show-stopping never-seen-before taste. I kid but like... The media you like says a lot about you and I hope you like my taste in films and television... :)


My favourite film ever is Ginger Snaps (2000). If you've never seen it, drop EVERYTHING and go watch it. It's soo fuckin' amazin'. The first five or so films are relatively fixed in their placement, everything after fluctuates heavily. Some days most these films wouldn't even be on here if I didn't feel like it in the moment. I'm very hot and cold like that.

There is a lot of Asian language on here as I wanted to learn a new language but wasn't sure what so I watched lots of to help me decide. I am bad at languages (I failed Spanish GCSE) so I kinda abandoned that idea after a while.


My favourite show is Supernatural (but only the first five series... I like only having a vague knowledge on late series Supernatural and being a gatekeeper and purist). I'll probably rank my top ten episodes at some point. It makes me just foam at the mouth to think about that fucking show. It's so bad yet so good and so addictive.

Other shows I like include Twin Peaks (as you can see from my site branding and desktop screenshot below), Fleabag, Back to Life, Killing Eve and Futurama! Good nostalgic shows for me are Horrible Histories and Bagpuss. I like their soundtracks a lot. :)